Life On The Farm – A Resurrection Lesson

Great reflection for Easter from my brother-in-law (and In Christ!) Andrew…


Today my sons showed me their farms. Andrew, aged 12, took me around his grand-father’s farm where he has spent his spring break working. He took me to see the places where he had been filling empty post-holes, and other holes left by tree stumps and animals. He had filled them with soil, tamped them down and then re-seeded them. We went to the barn to collect straw that he spread over the seeded areas to protect the soon emerging grass.

We then went on a little tour in which he showed me the fox-hole where a local vixen is raising her cubs, the bird nest where a blue-bird is incubating six tiny blue eggs, and the two orphan calves, Sugar and Burma, who are now out in the field eating regular grass. It was wonderful to see Andrew’s delight in showing me all the signs of life on the…

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