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Stop Killing Endangered Species in “Christ’s Name”

Someone has brought to my attentionĀ  a gruesome opportunity being offered to raise money for a Christian relief and development charity “Providers for Christ” – by Big Game Hunting; no, really…

Here’s the link:-

Provider for Christ Hunting Adventure | Frikkie du Toit Safaris

Three things need to be said:

  • The link goes not to “Providers for Christ” but Emmanuel Christian Outreach – and the word provider doesn’t appear on their web-site
  • None the less, Big Game Hunting “Christ’s Name” is repugnant. It happens to be legal – but that doesn’t make it acceptable.
  • Of course it also provides an open target for both justified and unjustified criticism from the new atheist movement.

Come on people, wake up and smell the coffee. Baying for an innocent animal’s life “In Christ’s Name” is unacceptable nonsense.

Anyone claiming to be a Christian must take seriously the call to be co-creator with God and a good steward of the whole of creation. The charge to take control and rule over creation (Genesis 1:26-28) is set in the context of caring for it (Genesis 2:15); it’s God’s creation (Psalm 24:1, Psalm 50:10, Psalm 104:24, Colossians 1:16-17) after all. Jesus teaches that God cares for the whole creation (Matthew 6:26, Matthew 10:29) teaches in parables which applaud good agricultural care and stewardship (Matthew 25:14-30, Luke 12:35-46) and after being criticised for healing on a Sabbath states that care for animals (and therefore humans) is more important than religious ritual and rules (Luke 13:14-16, Luke 14:4-6).

Would you like to do something about this killing apparently “in Christ’s Name”??

You can sign on-line petitions at the links below:-

Stop Killing Endangered Species in “Christ’s Name” – The Petition Site

A couple of minutes is all it will take for you to sign these two petitions, what’s stopping you contributing to sorting out this horrific travesty?